SIGNATURE EVENT: Rainbow Baked Goods Sale

Image: Aldo Fonticiella, Creative Commons

Image: Aldo Fonticiella, Creative Commons

Event Description: 

Bake and sell rainbow (the color of LGBTQ pride!) treats. Think rainbow-sprinkled or M&M-topped cakes, cupcakes, brownies and cookies. Funfetti products are great for this event!

To increase awareness of global LGBTQ rights and AsylumConnect, include a handwritten relevant statistic with each purchased good. For example: “Did you know it is still illegal to be gay in 77 countries? Learn more at:”

What You'll Need:

  • Supplies to make plenty of baked goods (lots of Funfetti!).
  • Paper and pens for handwritten statistics.
  • Eager chapter members to bake and sell on campus.

After the Event: Contact our Chapter Coordinator Marie ( to discuss any funds raised. Proceeds (with help of partners) to go through AsylumConnect to directly benefit LGBTQ asylum seekers.