Catalog Lock-IN

Image: Sarah Joy, Creative Commons

Image: Sarah Joy, Creative Commons

Event Description: Hold a "student lock-in" with your chapter! This can be designed as an all-nighter or an activity for several hours. Agree for your whole chapter to meet and not leave until you've made substantial progress towards your goals for the AsylumConnect catalog.

Lock-ins are a great way to facilitate bonding among your chapter’s members while simultaneously working to build AsylumConnect's signature feature. Encourage participating members to bring snacks or desserts for everyone to share. In the background, play music or a fun movie to keep the mood light and members happy.

What You'll Need:

  • A space for the lock-in. (Note: If you’re planning an all-nighter, you will most likely have to obtain special permission from your school’s facilities and maintenance department.)
  • Ask members to bring their laptops to work on the catalog – securing a space with reliable internet connection is key! 
  • Ask members to bring food and refreshments.
  • Optional: Music and speakers, or a movie and projector.