Signature event: Day of Silence

Image: Creative Commons

Image: Creative Commons

Event Description:

This event is all about increasing visibility for our cause on your campus. Execution is simple: choose one day for students to wear rainbow tape over their mouths in respect for the silenced LGBTQ voices around the world.

Be sure to advertise this event heavily beforehand (hang posters around campus, campaign on social media, etc.) to spread awareness of what this day stands for. On the Day of Silence you have chosen, participants can also carry around pieces of paper or notecards explaining why they are in silence (in solidarity with silenced LGBTQ voices) and AsylumConnect's informational pamphlets to hand to curious students.

If you're looking to offer a less conspicuous alternative for students who may have an obligation where they cannot wear tape over their mouths, try providing buttons or pins that say "In Silence" as another option.

What You'll Need:

  • Relevant administrative permission. Contact any relevant administrators, professors, coaches, etc. to let them know event participants will remain silent for the date you've chosen.
  • Chapter members to advertise the event (social media, flyers).
  • Participants – the more students the better! Open the event to not just AsylumConnect members.
  • Rainbow tape (find on Amazon or at your nearest art supply store). Optional: "In Silence" buttons (try Zazzle).
  • Paper and pens for handwritten notes explaining the event. Every participant can write their own note to carry on the day of the event.
  • AsylumConnect's informational pamphlets for participants to hand out on the day of the event.