Disclaimer: The AsylumConnect team will do its best to confirm basic facts about service providers listed on this website. However, we lack the necessary resources to adequately vet service providers and make no representations regarding the viability or capabilities of any such providers. Consequently, AsylumConnect assumes no responsibility for the actions of providers listed on this website and asylum seekers who contact any such providers do so at their own risk.  

AsylumConnect strives to ensure that all resources featured on our catalog are both LGBTQ-friendly and Asylum-friendly.

"LGBTQ-friendly" means one of two things: 1) the resource is either LGBTQ-specific OR 2) the organization providing the resource to the general population has the proven expertise and capacity to work with members of the LGBTQ community as well.

"Asylum-friendly" means that asylum seekers will not be required to do any of the following in order to access the resource: 1) seek employment 2) contribute income 3) produce a government issued ID (depending on state regulations, as some states do allow asylum seekers to obtain a government issued ID).

If you are an asylum seeker and encounter any problems with a resource listed in our catalog, please let us know immediately! Contact Emma, our Director of Catalog, at emma@asylumconnect.org.