We do our best to confirm that the resources listed in the AsylumConnect catalog are active, LGBTQ-friendly, and accessible to asylum seekers, making them safe for LBGTQ asylum seekers to use. Be sure to read our disclaimer before using our resource catalog.

We at AsylumConnect work hard to fill our catalog with high quality resources that are useful, accessible, and welcoming to LGBTQ asylum-seekers. Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction and safety of our users and we employ a rigorous verification process for all resources included in our catalog. This process asks three core questions:


Is the resource active?

Is the resource LGBTQ-Friendly?

Is the resource accessible to asylum seekers?


Resources must be all three of these things before they can be included in our catalog. We answer these questions by researching and often directly communicating with each resource. Here are some examples of things we look for:


  • Does the resource have a social media presence?
  • Has the resource hosted an event in the last year?
  • Does the resource have news coverage from within the last year?


  • Has the resource confirmed by phone or email that they are LGBTQ-friendly?
  • Does the resource appear to offer services directly targeting the LGBTQ community?
  • Does the resource explicitly state on its website that it caters to the LGBTQ community?

Accessible to Asylum Seekers

  • Has the resource confirmed by phone or email that they serve asylum-seekers, refugees, and/or undocumented citizens?
  • Does the resource require identification documents in order to utilize services?
  • Does the resource provide its primary services for free?

Every resource in our catalog has regularly updated documentation on how it affirmatively answers the three core questions. We also assess certain other features we like to see in the resources we publish: whether primary services are free of charge, whether translation services are provided, and whether services are confidential. These features are optional. A resource is not required to provide these features in order to be included in the catalog.

At the end of this process, a resource is declared “verified” or “unverified.” Unverified resources are deemed ineligible (at least for the time being) for inclusion in our catalog.

A young initiative, AsylumConnect is constantly growing and evolving. Every day, we look for ways in line with our organizational capacity to strengthen how we verify resources. As we tweak, expand, and improve our process, AsylumConnect asks that users please note the disclaimer published on the AsylumConnect website and in the catalog itself.

See our verification process up close.

You will always be able to find our most up-to-date resource verification process viewable to you right here on our website. We value your opinion! Questions, comments, and concerns about how we verify resources may be directed to our Director of Catalog, at emma@asylumconnect.org.