Information Session

Image: Eoin McMillan, Creative Commons

Image: Eoin McMillan, Creative Commons

Event Description:

We recommend that your chapter's first campus event of the semester be an information session open to all students. At this event you can provide an overview of AsylumConnect and our chosen issue, some info about your chapter, and your plan for the semester. Start your meeting by using our PowerPoint adapted from Katie's presentation at the UN, if you'd like.

Make sure to record all attendees names and emails! Many will most likely be your first chapter members.

What You'll Need: 

  • Chapter members to heavily advertise your first meeting (school-wide emails, social media, flyers).
  • A meeting space.
  • Copies of our informational pamphlet to hand out at the door.
  • A way to record attendees' names and emails (paper or Google Forms). 
  • If interested, email Katie ( for presentation slides.