Movie Screening

Image: Creative Commons

Image: Creative Commons

Event Description:

A great and easy way for your chapter to raise awareness on campus is through screening relevant movies. Select titles focusing on global LGBTQ rights and be sure to hand out our AsylumConnect informational pamphlet at the door! 

Optional: Charge $1 for admission.

What You'll Need:

  • A relevant movie title or succession of informational clips. Find video clips and movie suggestions here. (YouTube clips can be screened freely, but you must obtain the rights to any movie you'll show.)
  • Somewhere on campus to screen the movie.
  • A way to screen the movie (such as a projector).
  • Our AsylumConnect informational pamphlet to give to students at the door.

After the Event (if you made this a fundraising event): Contact our Chapter Coordinator Marie ( to discuss any funds raised. Proceeds (with help of partners) to go through AsylumConnect to directly benefit LGBTQ asylum seekers.