What is the asylumconnect catalog?

The AsylumConnect catalog is the first online resource database for LGBTQ asylum seekers in the U.S. Our catalog helps LGBTQ asylum seekers identify and access verified human needs resources upon their arrival in the U.S. 

IN WHICH U.S. CITIES CAN the AsylumConnect catalog currently HELP lgbtq asylum seekers FIND RESOURCES? 

Our catalog version 3.0 is currently live for: Seattle, Washington and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Moving forward, the AsylumConnect team will scale the catalog to additional cities across the U.S.

watch this video to Learn more about how to use our catalog:

Learn how to use the AsylumConnect catalog version 3.0. Our catalog is now live for both: Seattle, Washington and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Video created: March 2017.)


What type of resources can be found in the catalog? +

  • Medical Services: Medical Clinics, Women's Health, Sexual Health, Trans Health, Dental Care
  • Legal Services: Legal Aid, Documentation
  • Social Services: Housing, Food, Hygiene, Computers & Internet, Employment
  • Educational Services: English Classes, Libraries
  • Community Support: Community Centers, Cultural Centers, LGBT Centers
  • Mental Health Services: Support Groups, Private Counseling, Psychiatry
  • Other Services: Mail, Sport & Entertainment

How do I use the catalog? +

We try to make our catalog as user-friendly as possible! Simply select the city where you live and then browse available resources by type of service: Medical Services, Legal Services, Housing, Food, Hygiene, Computers & Internet, Employment, Education, Community Support, Mental Health, Mail, or Sport & Entertainment. Some services will have a drop-down menu with additional subcategories. Click on the resource(s) you are interested in to view more information. It is also possible to filter by additional considerations such as whether a resource is free, whether it is confidential, and whether it provides language translation services. Please watch our short explainer video above to learn more about how to use the AsylumConnect catalog v2.0 for Seattle, WA.

How are resources verified? +

AsylumConnect works hard to fill our resource catalog with high quality resources that are useful, accessible, and welcoming to LGBTQ asylum seekers in the U.S. Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction and safety of our users and we employ a rigorous verification process for all resources included in our catalog. Our verification process asks three core questions:

  1. Is the resource active?

  2. Is the resource LGBTQ-friendly?

  3. Is the resource accessible to asylum seekers?

Resources must be all three of these things before they can be included in our catalog. We answer these questions by researching and often directly communicating with each resource. Here are some examples of things we look for:


  • Does the resource have an active physical and/or web address?
  • Has the resource hosted events and/or updated online content within the current calendar year?
  • Is the resource responsive to email and/or phone outreach?


  • Has the resource confirmed by phone or email that they are willing and able to serve LGBTQ individuals?
  • Does the resource offer services directly serving the LGBTQ community?
  • Does the resource employ a non-discrimination policy that includes protections for individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities?

Accessible to Asylum Seekers

  • Has the resource confirmed by phone or email that they are willing and able to serve asylum seekers and/or undocumented citizens?
  • Does the resource require certain documentation of its clients in order to access services?
  • Does the resource offer some or all of its services for free?

Every resource in our catalog has regularly updated documentation on how it affirmatively answers our three core questions. We also assess additional features that we like to see in the resources we publish, including: whether or not the resource provides translation services for non-English speaking clients and whether or not the resource employs a confidentiality policy for its services. These features, along with whether or not a resource offers some or all of its services for free, are optional. A resource is not required to provide these features in order to be included in the catalog.

At the end of our verification process, a resource is declared either: “verified” or “unverified.” Unverified resources are deemed ineligible (at least for the time being) for inclusion in our catalog.

Questions, comments, and concerns about how we verify resources may be directed to: catalog@asylumconnect.org. If you are a service provider and would like to be included in the catalog, please use the “Submit a Resource” form, found on the homepage of our resource catalog.

How can I submit a resource? +

Submitting a resource is easy and helps us to continue to improve our catalog! To contribute, simply visit the Submit a Resource page of our website.

How can I report a resource? +

All catalog users who have a negative experience while using one of the resources listed in our catalog are encouraged to file a report with AsylumConnect. In this report, which is anonymous, the user will be asked for the following information: to identify the resource used and the specific service(s) accessed, to define their negative experience as pertaining to either LGBTQ accessibility and/or asylum seeker accessibility, to provide a description of their negative experience, and finally to elect (if they so choose) to allow AsylumConnect to share the details of their submission with other users and/or service providers who may solicit it.

AsylumConnect displays the number of times a resource has been reported for a negative experience on the resource’s public profile for all catalog users to see. AsylumConnect does not independently investigate user reports. Rather, our reporting function serves as a way for our users to share information with other users about their experiences using the resources listed in our catalog.

Users who would like further information about why a resource has been reported (i.e. for what service, for what transgression) may contact AsylumConnect directly at: catalog@asylumconnect.org. Please note that AsylumConnect will only share details pertaining to submissions that AsylumConnect has been granted permission to share.

What is your disclaimer and why does it matter? +

As a young nonprofit initiative, AsylumConnect is constantly growing and evolving. Every day, we look for ways in line with our organizational capacity to strengthen how we verify resources. As we tweak, expand, and improve our process, AsylumConnect asks that users please read our disclaimer to better understand exactly what our catalog can help asylum seekers with. The disclaimer can be found on the bottom of every webpage, on the catalog website, and below:

Disclaimer: The AsylumConnect team will do its best to confirm the basic facts about service providers listed on this website. However, we lack the necessary resources to adequately vet service providers and make no representations regarding the viability or capabilities of any such providers. Consequently, AsylumConnect assumes no responsibility for the actions of providers listed on this website and asylum seekers who contact any such providers do so at their own risk.

Read about our Seattle pilot of the AsylumConnect Catalog +

Report published: November 6, 2016.

Questions, comments, and concerns about the AsylumConnect catalog may be directed to: catalog@asylumconnect.org