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Submitting resources helps us expand our catalog's database, which in turn helps more asylum seekers find the resources they need. We highly encourage people to submit LGBTQ-friendly resources in their area to our catalog – you may have experience with the resource through personal experience, word-of-mouth, or simply online research. All of these kinds of submissions are extremely valuable to us. 

Please note that the AsylumConnect catalog is still young and ever-evolving. If you encounter any problems entering information into the form below, please email us your resource/service at:

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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the AsylumConnect resource catalog! Use the form below to suggest a new resource you think should be included in our catalog. It's ok if you do not have all of the information the form asks for - just fill in what you know, and we'll do the rest! We appreciate your submission and thank you for helping to connect LGBTQ asylum seekers with human needs services in their specific U.S. city. (*All suggested resources are subject to internal review by AsylumConnect staff before being published in our resource catalog.)

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