Image: Mark Fischer, Creative Commons

Image: Mark Fischer, Creative Commons

Event Description:

Roses stand for love, passion, and courage – characteristics that all asylum seekers exhibit in their journey to freedom and safety. Take this old Valentine’s Day tradition and relate it to our cause. Celebrate Valentine's Day for all loving couples in a country where that is possible without threat of imprisonment or death. Raise funds by delivering roses to students’ friends and loved ones on Valentine's Day. Attach a handwritten note with each rose: “By purchasing this rose, your loved one just helped an LGBTQ asylum seeker in your honor. Learn more at:” Be sure to advertise a clear selling time frame and method (Google Forms or in person sign-ups), and delivery time frame. 

What You'll Need:

  • Roses and a way to keep them fresh until delivery.
  • Paper and pens for handwritten notes.
  • Chapter members to write the notes and advertise the event. Be sure to emphasize this event’s connection to AsylumConnect and our beneficiaries! 
  • Chapter members to sell and deliver the roses.

After the Event: Contact our Chapter Coordinator Marie ( to discuss any funds raised. Proceeds (with help of partners) to go through AsylumConnect to directly benefit LGBTQ asylum seekers.