Find safe resources for LGBTQ asylum in the U.S.

Global events are forcing more asylum seekers to feel unbearable conditions in their home countries to come to the U.S. Thank you for the efforts and support.
— LGBTQ asylum seeker on the West Coast to AsylumConnect

AsylumConnect team members welcome LGBTQ asylum seekers to the U.S. (Video created in Nov. 2017.)


An Introduction to AsylumConnect.

The Crisis

Every year, thousands of LGBTQ immigrants and asylum seekers come to the U.S. fleeing persecution in their home countries based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Yet upon arrival in the U.S., many LGBTQ asylum seekers don’t know where it is safe to go for help during the complex and lengthy asylum process. Many fear "help” will discriminate due to their LGBTQ identity.



How We Help

The AsylumConnect catalog currently helps LGBTQ asylum seekers find safe resources during the U.S. asylum process. LGBTQ asylum seekers can use our free resource website and app to meet their needs in: housing, legal, food, medical, mental health, social support, employment, education, and more. Nonprofits and lawyers can also use our catalog to find safe resource referrals for LGBTQ clients.

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Thank you so much. I was trying to gather information such as yours, but this is the most comprehensive I have ever read.
— LGBTQ asylum seeker from Jamaica to AsylumConnect