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United States Welcome: AsylumConnect volunteers welcome LGBTQ asylum seekers home. (Video created in 2017.)



Transgenders are not recognized legally, nor socially [in my country]. I know that I either leave this place or die. Any information [on the LGBTQ asylum process] will be very valuable to me as I am all by myself here I have no friends knowing about me nor any family member. My only source is the internet.
— Trans asylum seeker from the Middle East
I hope I can live a real social life with a man in a free and a gay friendly country. I can’t have a relationship with a guy in my home country. If I do that, I may get prosecuted, killed by police or even by my own family.
— Gay asylum seeker from Northern Africa
My life has been nothing but normal, I have to live a double life, this isn’t life at all. I am planning to move to the US to live like a normal human being without fear of persecution. I really am tired of this country and it’s hatred. So please, show me the way, I am beginning a new chapter in my life but I don’t know how to approach this.
— Gay asylum seeker from the Middle East
Here its a capital offense to be a gay, currently I am in hiding I can’t exercise my rights, they want to arrest me and here we don’t have any LGBT [people] because of too much fear from the Government.
— Gay asylum seeker from Africa

An Introduction to AsylumConnect.

The Crisis

It is still illegal to be gay in 70 countries. Every year, thousands of LGBTQ people are forced to flee their home countries due to persecution based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Many will seek LGBTQ asylum in a new country in hopes of living freely. But upon arrival in their new home, LGBTQ asylum seekers often struggle to access legitimate and LGBTQ-affirming local services and support. LGBTQ people continue to face discrimination in health care, shelters and the wider social services sector due to their LGBTQ identity. LGBTQ immigrants, especially asylum seekers and the undocumented, face additional challenges due to their uncertain legal status.



How We Help

We provide the first and only resource website and app for LGBTQ asylum. Our free app can currently connect users with verified LGBTQ- and immigrant-friendly services in the United States, Canada and Mexico. LGBTQ asylum seekers and related LGBTQ populations (LGBTQ undocumented immigrants and LGBTQ homeless youth) use AsylumConnect as a free digital one-stop-shop referral site to meet their needs in all aspects of their lives, including where it is safe to go for help with: housing, legal, food, medical, mental health, community, education and employment. Lawyers and other direct service providers also use our free app to gather verified referrals for clients.

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Thank you so much. I was trying to gather information such as yours, but this is the most comprehensive I have ever read.
— LGBTQ asylum seeker from Jamaica to AsylumConnect