Trans Asylum Seekers: Use Our Catalog to Find Trans-Friendly Resources

Use Our Catalog to Find Trans-Friendly Resources During the Asylum Process

Trans asylum seekers often face unique challenges during their asylum journey due to their gender identity. Many face discrimination and violence. As the Trump administration continues to attack the transgender community, these challenges are only getting worse.

At AsylumConnect, we are working to build safe technology to support all members of the LGBTQ community seeking asylum. Currently, trans asylum seekers can use our catalog to find trans-friendly resources, such as: trans support groups, trans health services, and free legal help for obtaining gender-affirming immigration documents.


Visit our catalog website and start typing your address, city or zip code in the U.S. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 3.31.18 PM.png

Click “Resource Type” and scroll down to find the type of resource you are looking for. Current trans-specific resource types include: “Medical - Trans health”, “Legal - Name and gender change”, and “Mental Health - Trans support groups”. For example, scroll down to the "Mental Health" category. Select "Trans support groups".

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Then click on “Search” to begin finding trans-friendly support groups near you. Scroll down the page to view the groups who can help you. 

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Click on the blue "See more information" text under any of the organizations' names to learn more about their services and to view their contact information. 

New Boyz Club’s  catalog profile .

New Boyz Club’s catalog profile.

See the “How to visit this resource” section for instructions on how to contact the organization to learn more and get the help you need.

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Trans asylum seekers flee extreme persecution in their home countries. At AsylumConnect, we fully support trans asylum seekers’ quest to live authentically and we are here to help welcome them to the United States.

Have suggestions on how we can continue to make our resource catalog inclusive of trans asylum seekers? Leave a comment below!