AsylumConnect Week in Review- 12/28/2018

This week, we take a look at creative protests in favor and against Trump’s immigration policies as well as updated news on asylum seekers on the Mexican border.

GoFundMe Campaign to Build Border Wall Raises Millions, Riles Migrant Advocates

Dan Levin- The New York Times

“Mr. Kolfage — a triple amputee who served in Iraq and who ran a right-wing website that was eventually removed by Facebook — is hoping to raise even greater sums to cover construction of a barrier between the United States and Mexico. He suggested on the GoFundMe page that if the 63 million people who voted for Mr. Trump were to each donate $80, they would raise more than $5 billion, the amount Mr. Trump is seeking for the wall”.

Trump is officially turning back asylum seekers who come to the US through Mexico

Dara Lind- Vox

“The policy change means that people who are trying to exercise their legal right to seek asylum will be barred from the US for months or even years while they wait for their asylum claim to come before a judge. It is the most sweeping development in Trump’s ongoing crackdown on people (largely from Central America, and disproportionately children and families) attempting to come to the US for asylum”.

The US Wants To Keep Deporting Vietnamese Refugees But Admits Vietnam Won't Take Them

Salvador Hernandez- Buzzfeed News

“The Trump administration claimed that a new deal with Vietnam allowed it to deport immigrants, including war refugees, superseding a 10-year-old agreement between the two countries that barred removal of Vietnamese people who have been living in the US for decades. But attorneys representing the Vietnamese immigrants allege that new agreement was never reached, and that the government lied in court to try to push through the refugees' deportations”.

Oklahoma Church Erects Fence Around Nativity Scene to Protest Trump Border Policies

Christina Caron- The New York Times

“The scene is both an acknowledgment that the Christmas story is a migration story, and also a response to the Trump administration’s efforts to discourage people from seeking refuge in the United States, the Rev. Chris Moore, the church’s lead pastor, said in an interview on Thursday”.

Deported Parents Make Last-Ditch Effort To Reunite With Separated Kids In U.S.

Angelina Chapin- HuffPost

“Immigration experts told HuffPost that most parents who were deported between April and June while the zero tolerance policy was in effect were not given a legitimate shot at asylum. They say many were coerced into signing deportation forms after being falsely told by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers that it was the only way to reunite with their children. Others failed their credible fear tests ― the first step in applying for asylum ― because they were too emotionally devastated after being separated from their kids to focus on their cases”.