AsylumConnect Week in Review 12/30/2018

As 2018 comes to an end, the government shutdown continues while advocates challenge Trump’s transgender military ban.

US government shutdown over border wall will last into 2019

Tom McCarthy- The Guardian

“A partial government shutdown caused by an impasse over Donald Trump’s proposed wall on the Mexican border will continue into 2019 after both chambers of Congress adjourned on Thursday without acting to end the closure”.

Boy Dies in US immigration custody on Christmas Day, second child death in detention this month

ABC News Australia

“An 8-year old boy from Guatemala has died in US Government custody early on Christmas Day according to US immigration authorities, marking the second death of an immigrant child in detention this month”.    

Trump Blames Democrats Over Deaths of Migrant Children in U.S. Custody

Maggie Haberman- The New York Times

“President Trump blamed Democrats on Saturday for the deaths of two migrant children in detention at the southwest border this month, wielding the episodes as justification to fund a border wall”.

Challengers To Trump's Transgender Military Ban Push Back At The Supreme Court

Chris Geidner- Buzzfeed News

“Earlier this week, the challengers urged the justices not to hear the government's appeals of the cases, in large part due to the unanimity of lower courts that the policy is unconstitutional. On Friday, the challengers filed a trio of briefs opposing a later government request that the justices allow the administration to enforce the new policy during the appeals process”.

When death awaits deported asylum seekers

Kevin Sieff- The Washington Post

“Here in El Salvador, where even government officials concede that the country has drifted from state control, experts worry more asylum denials could lead to more targeted killings. In a nation of 6.5 million, the government estimates that more than half a million Salvadorans are involved with gangs. They often target minors and women, killing their victims with machetes”.