AsylumConnect adds infographics feature to catalog

Introducing the new infographics feature on the AsylumConnect resource catalog 

We're excited to share that we've added a new infographics feature to the AsylumConnect resource catalog. This feature enables us to display infographics to our users directly on the live resource catalog. 

AsylumConnect's infographics are designed to supplement the basic human needs information found in the AsylumConnect resource catalog. Our infographics are available on both our Squarespace homesite and now thanks to this new feature, directly integrated into our resource catalog as well. This new technical improvement lays the foundation for the AsylumConnect team to easily add more translations and infographics to our resource catalog in the future. 

AsylumConnect's infographics are drafted by a licensed U.S. immigration attorney with experience working with LGBTQ asylum seeker clients. Moving forward, our attorney on staff will help AsylumConnect to ensure these infographics remain as up-to-date as possible.

Our new infographics can be broken into two categories: Legal Guides & City Guides. 

Legal Guides

To-date, we have designed 3 legal guide infographics to help LGBTQ asylum seekers better understand the LGBTQ asylum process:

  1. Know Your Rights: FAQs Before, During & After Your LGBTQ Asylum Application
    • This infographic outlines LGBTQ asylum seekers’ rights before filing their asylum application, after filing: awaiting their decision, rights after approval, and if applicable, rights after denial.
  2. Seeking Legal Assistance: For Filing Your LGBTQ Asylum Application
    • This infographic includes advice on how to find a LGBTQ-friendly asylum attorney as well as tips on how to effectively work with an immigration lawyer (once chosen.) 
  3. Preliminary Document Checklist: For LGBTQ Asylum Seekers in the U.S.
    • This infographic outlines the important documents a LGBTQ asylum seeker will need to gather in order to help prove their identity and build the strongest case possible.
    • We have designed this infographic as a visual checklist to help make its contents as clear and easy to track as possible.

City Guides

The purpose of AsylumConnect's City Guides is to further help welcome LGBTQ asylum seekers to their new home. Our City Guides include location-specific information to help LGBTQ asylum seekers safely resettle in their new home, such as:

  • How to use public transportation
  • Average weather
  • General local laws
  • Local LGBTQ laws
  • State resources for non-citizens
  • Important phone numbers (e.g. hate crimes hotline, police/emergency, etc.)

Our City Guides are designed to be both easy to update and standardize across U.S. cities.

New "Asylum Seeker's Guide to the U.S." button on the catalog homepage (current drop-down menu includes: Know your rightsLegal assistancePreliminary checklist infographics)

Screenshot 2018-04-29 12.04.56.png

New feature also integrates first wave of City Guide infographics for LGBTQ asylum seekers into the AsylumConnect resource catalog

Currently, we offer City Guides for the following U.S. cities: Philadelphia, Seattle, NYC, Washington D.C., San Francisco & LA. (The AsylumConnect team plans to add City Guides for new cities as we continue to build out the the resource catalog.)

Philadelphia, PA example: Now, when a LGBTQ asylum seeker or service provider searches for resources in Philadelphia, their search results will also include a button linking to our "Asylum Seeker's Guide to Philadelphia" infographic as shown below (right-side of screen):

Screenshot 2018-04-29 16.55.39.png

We're excited to continue to add essential new functionality to the AsylumConnect resource catalog in order to make it as comprehensive as possible.

A big thank you to the donors who make our work possible! 

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