AsylumConnect Launches #ProudTogether


Within the last year, the LGBTQ community has seen a dizzying array of efforts to roll back rights and protections concerning their gender and sexual identity. As we begin to kick off Pride festivities, it’s important to remember why we celebrate Pride. For many LGBTQ community members, Pride represents a long-awaited opportunity to take joy in our authentic selves and our roles in a vibrant and diverse community. When we see our community celebrate people like ourselves, we come to believe that we have the power to change our own lives and society.


pride 2.JPG

At AsylumConnect, we believe that taking pride in our diverse identities makes us stronger. The AsylumConnect team includes the whole LGBTQ spectrum and their straight allies. Our team is composed of members from all around the world and includes a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. By combining our different and shared experiences, each team member plays an important role in advancing our mission to help LGBTQ asylum seekers find safe resources in the U.S.


Although no two AsylumConnect team members are the same, we are all united by our shared wish for a better world for LGBTQ asylum seekers. We see LGBTQ and asylum seeker’s rights as part of the larger struggle for society to recognize all people’s self-determination, equality, and right to safety.

We’re proud of our identities and the work we do on behalf of LGBTQ asylum seekers.


As part of our own pride, we’re thrilled to launch AsylumConnect’s #ProudTogether. While Pride is a time to celebrate the strides we’ve made as individuals and a community, we also believe that it is an opportunity to reflect on our desires for the future. Throughout June, AsylumConnect team members will be sharing their thoughts on LGBTQ pride and solidarity with LGBTQ asylum seekers. Join us every Friday for #ProudTogether updates and to share what Pride means to you.  


From everybody at AsylumConnect- Happy Pride!



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