AsylumConnect Expands Legal Offerings on Catalog

New legal subcategories enable LGBTQ asylum seekers to connect with legal aid in crisis

With existing conditions under the current administration, more and more asylum seekers are facing detention and deportation in the United States. In response, AsylumConnect has expanded its resource catalog’s legal offerings beyond asylum application to include guidance regarding detention and deportation to enable LGBTQ asylum seekers to connect with legal aid – particularly pro bono support – as easily and quickly as possible. These updates make the AsylumConnect resource catalog more inclusive of detained asylum seekers, asylum seekers facing deportation, transgender asylum seekers and LGBTQ DREAMers. 

New Legal Subcategories:

New legal subcategories allow for users to more quickly and easily find legal help that meets their needs. 

  1. Asylum Application

  • Get legal help with LGBTQ asylum application

  • Get a forensic evaluation documenting evidence of trauma for asylum claim

  • Get help preparing for asylum interview

  • Get legal help with filing for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

      2. Crime and Discrimination 

  • Get legal help for undocumented victims of crime

  • Get basic information and referrals for LGBTQ people who are facing discrimination 

      3. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

  • Get help with DACA application renewal

  • Get up-to-date information on the status of DACA

      4. Deportation or Removal 

  • Get legal help with deportation or removal proceedings

      5. Immigration Detention

  • Call national hotline to get help from within immigration detention

  • Get free legal help for detained LGBTQ immigrants

  • Get free legal self-representation assistance for detained immigrants

      6. Name and Gender Change

  • Get legal help with obtaining gender-affirming immigration documents for transgender immigrants

  • Update the name and/or gender marker on immigration documents

How it works: 

Visit our catalog website and start typing your address, city or zip code in the U.S. 

Screenshot 2018-08-25 11.09.23.png

Click “Resource Type” and scroll down to the "Legal" category. Select all of the type(s) of legal aid you are looking for. For example, "Asylum application" and "Name and gender change":

Screenshot 2018-08-25 11.05.56.png

Then click on “Search” to begin finding safe legal help near you. Scroll down the page to view the legal providers who can help you. 

Screenshot 2018-08-25 11.06.28.png

Click on the blue "See more information" text under any of the organizations' names to learn more about services and view contact information. 

UnLocal's  catalog profile .

UnLocal's catalog profile.

See the “How to visit this resource” section for instructions on how to contact the legal provider to get the help you need.


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