AsylumConnect Week in Review 01/13/2019

This week, a Saudi woman’s pleas for asylum took social media by storm while President Trump continued to spread misinformation about the southern border.

This Is What Trump's "Humanitarian Crisis" At The Southern Border Really Looks Like

Gabriel H. Sanchez- Buzzfeed News

“In a nationally televised broadcast on Tuesday, President Trump made his case for ending the government shutdown by describing a “growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.” These pictures show what the crisis has looked like over the past 30 days.”

A Border Wall to Stop Terrorists? Experts Say That Makes Little Sense

Eric Schmitt, David E. Sanger and Glenn Thrush- The New York Times

“President Trump has repeatedly warned that terrorists are pouring into the United States from Mexico, in one of his central justifications for building a border wall.

But his own government’s assessments conclude that Mr. Trump has seriously overstated the threat. And counterterrorism officials and experts said there had never been a case of a known terrorist sneaking into the country through open areas of the southwest border.”

 'A death sentence': migrant caravan member killed in Honduras after US sent him back

Jeff Ernst- The Guardian

“Despite a recent drop in homicide rates in Honduras and neighboring countries, Espinal’s murder is a sharp reminder that for many people in the region, the decision to migrate is one of life or death.”

 Young Woman Who Fled Saudi Arabia Arrives In Canada As Refugee

Francesca Paris- NPR

“Alqunun's story spread across social media when she locked herself in a Bangkok hotel room and live-tweeted her calls for help, rapidly gaining thousands of followers as she wrote that she was in danger.”

Rescued Migrants, at Sea for Weeks, Struggle to Reach a New Life

Patrick Kingsley- The New York Times

“ABOARD SEA-WATCH 3, Off Malta — Four years ago, he escaped jihadists in West Africa. Last year, he survived slavery in Libya. But for Daouda Soumana, a 20-year-old trader from Niger, one of the cruelest experiences of his quest for safety occurred this week — within sight of the southern shores of Europe.”