AsylumConnect Week in Review 02/11/2019

In the first week of February, President Trump has called for tighter security along the U.S.-Mexico border. Promisingly, 2018 saw an increase in pro-LGBTQ bills passing into law. Read more to catch up with the latest LGBTQ and asylum seeking news from this week.

Trump Admin Says It’s Too Hard To Reunite Thousands Of Separated Families: Court Filing

Angelina Chapin-HuffPost

“Last month, the inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services released a report stating that “thousands” more immigrant families had been separated than the government had previously disclosed. In the declaration submitted Friday, HHS officials said they don’t know the exact number of children who were taken from their parents before “zero tolerance” and that finding them would be too much of a “burden” since there was no formal tracking system in place.”

Democratic lawmakers to visit US southern border amid Congress negotiations over border security

Veronica Stracqualursi and Lauren Fox-CNN

“The trip comes as Congress has a February 15 deadline to agree on border security funding before another partial government shutdown goes into effect. A bipartisan, bicameral committee has been tasked with reaching an agreement that will be acceptable to President Donald Trump, who has demanded more than $5 billion for a wall along the border with Mexico.”

Pentagon Deploying 3,750 Troops To Southern Border

Matthew S. Schwartz-NPR

“An additional 3,750 troops will be sent to the Southern border to help install wire barriers and monitor crossings, officials said. The new deployment will bring the number of active-duty troops there to around 6,000.”

President Trump floats 'human wall' on southern border ahead of State of the Union

John Fritze-USA Today

“Hours before he is set to deliver a State of the Union address that aides have said will strike a note of bipartisanship, President Donald Trump floated the idea of a “human wall” on the southwest border if Democrats reject his demands border security funding.”

Pro-LGBTQ laws outpaced anti-LGBTQ laws in 2018, report finds

Julie Moreau-NBC News

“Last year, 21 of the 201 pro-LGBTQ bills introduced in state legislatures became law, while just two of the 110 anti-LGBTQ bills did, according to HRC’s recently released 2018 State Equality Index. Advocates of LGBTQ rights fared much better last year when compared to the year prior: In 2017, 129 anti-LGBTQ bills were introduced and 12 were passed.”