AsylumConnect Week in Review 04/01/2019

On the day after International Transgender Day of Visibility, an ICE detention center in New Mexico is accused of abusing its transgender and gay detainees. In another shocking move, Brunei is set to enact the death penalty for homosexuality. Please keep reading to stay informed on the most important news for asylum seekers and the LGBTQ community.

Gay, transgender detainees allege abuse at ICE facility in New Mexico

Robert Moore- The Washington Post

“Gay and transgender people held at a large Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in New Mexico have faced physical and verbal abuse and were placed in solitary confinement after complaining about it, according to a complaint civil rights groups sent to the U.S. agency Monday.”

State Department says US cutting off aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

Greg Clary- CNN

“The United States is cutting off aid to the Northern Triangle, otherwise known as the Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, the State Department told CNN Saturday, one day after President Donald Trump said they had "set up" migrant caravans for entry into the United States.”

Asylum-seekers forced to wait in Tijuana fear for their lives

Daniella Silva- NBC News

“More than four months after fleeing violence and death threats in Guatemala, R.T. finally had a chance last week to speak to the judge who will decide whether he receives asylum in the United States.”

‘They Had Found Out That I Am Gay, and They Were Going to Kill Me’

The Nigerian asylee running New York City’s only homeless shelter for refugees.

John Washington- The Nation

“When I arrived at the RDJ shelter to begin our interview, Okporo was on his computer, watching the end of Donald Trump’s Rose Garden news conference following his declaration of a national emergency to build a border wall. For a few minutes, Edafe and I, both shaking our heads, watched the president bluster angrily at reporters. Growing up in Nigeria as a gay man, Okporo knows the cruelty of those who use their power to harm others—he fled his home their after he was beaten and robbed by a mob.”

U.N.'s Bachelet urges Brunei not to apply death penalty for gay sex, adultery


“Brunei will deal a serious setback to human rights if it applies laws allowing death by stoning for adultery and gay sex, marking an end to a de facto moratorium on capital punishment, U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said on Monday.”