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AsylumConnect Week in Review 04/08/2019

As more countries continue to crackdown on LGBTQ rights, AsylumConnect shares stories of LGBTQ asylum seekers in Egypt and Brunei. Worryingly, Azerbaijan, one of the worst countries for LGBTQ rights in Europe, conducted raids targeting transgender citizens. Read more to learn about LGBTQ and asylum seeker rights around the world.

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AsylumConnect Week in Review 02/18/2019

Although border states have begun plans to withdrawal troops from the southern border, President Tump has declared a national emergency in order to secure funding for his proposed wall. This week the U.N. and German parliament raised concerns about the safety of the LGBT community in Chechnya and North Africa respectively. For more information, please read on…

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AsylumConnect Week in Review 01/28/2019

This week was full of set backs and strides for LGBTQ rights across the world. While Chechneya has renewed their anti-LGBTQ purge, the United States and Angola took steps to protect the LGBTQ community. Here are five of the most important articles from this week.

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