We’re passionate about working with journalists to spread awareness about LGBTQ asylum and how technology can help persecuted LGBTQ people find safety. If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk, please get in touch:

AsylumConnect also provides a downloadable media kit for reference on the organization’s mission, spokespersons, testimonials, and more.


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... asylum-seekers often spend years in the U.S. in limbo waiting for their cases to be decided. During this time, they don’t qualify for many services, and without the [AsylumConnect] database, they could easily end up seeking help in places that are untrained in LGBTQ needs or that are unsafe for LGBTQ people.
— The Seattle Times
The support that AsylumConnect offers is vital. As The Daily Beast’s Samantha Allen reported in April, there are large numbers of LGBT asylum seekers in the United States ‘who are stuck in a large backlog of applications that has grown to unmanageable levels under the Trump administration.’
— The Daily Beast
[One of the 5] gayest healthcare startups right now advancing LGBTQ healthcare equality in America.

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